Different Types of Mountain Bikes

Pascal Vohradnik is a New York City designer and real estate investor who is founding partner and co-owner of C7even and Factory Downtown. In his spare time, Pascal Vohradnik enjoys staying active by riding mountain bikes and snowboarding.

When it comes to purchasing a mountain bike, full suspension models come in five basic options. Some individuals might prefer a hard tail, front suspension-only mountain bike. Cross-country mountain bikes are lightweight and balanced in a way to help riders achieve momentum riding up hills. The addition of a rear suspension, however, makes mountain bikes more adept when riding downhill. Trail bikes, on the other hand, have more suspension when compared to cross-country bikes. They are slightly heavier than mountain bikes due to the stable design aimed at leisurely trail rides, rather than grueling mountain trails.

All-mountain bikes fall in between cross-country models and trail bikes. All-mountain bikes are designed for aggressive trail rides that feature significant obstacles, including drops and jumps. Finally, individuals who want to purchase mountain bikes should consider free ride and downhill models, which better absorb downhill hits and speeds, respectively.


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